What is Allofill?

Allofill is made from naturally occurring allograft fat tissue and can be used to fill soft-tissue defects as a noninvasive alternative to surgical fat grafting with your own tissue. Conventional fat grafting involves a surgical liposuction procedure which can be a painful and costly and require additional recovery time. In a typical fat grafting procedure fat is harvested from one part of your body and is injected into another part of your body or face. With Allofill harvesting your own fat isn’t necessary since Allofill is ready to use off the shelf and can be applied in a simple and easy procedure.

How does Allofill work?

Allofill is injected under your skin to immediately fill soft tissue defects caused by fat loss. Fat loss can occur through the natural aging process or from the surgical removal of tissue, and can affect the volume and shape of your face and body. Facial fat loss can contribute to the appearance of an aging face.

Allofill works with your body and provides an all-natural tissue scaffold which will populate with your own cells and blood vessels to cushion and support your skin. As your body goes through its natural healing process, Allofill will gradually be remodeled into normal soft tissue by your body.

$1,750.00 a syringe

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