About Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing has become a staple of the modern woman’s grooming routine and yet many newbies are reticent to take the plunge without first getting the inside scoop. Hold your questions till the end ladies; Brazilian waxing 101 is about to begin.

Celebrities from Demi Moore to Gwyneth Paltrow have been credited with stoking the current Brazilian waxing craze. But the real masterminds behind the oh-so-bare-Brazilian are reportedly seven Brazilian-born sisters. The siblings first introduced their waxing style to the Big Apple in 1987at J. Sisters International Salon in midtown Manhattan. Celebrity endorsements soon followed suit. Even good girl Gwyneth reportedly exclaimed that her first Brazilian waxing “changed my life.”

What exactly is Brazilian waxing?
The hallmark of a traditional Brazilian is less about the “landing strip” left in front as it the complete hair removal of everything behind. Not for the modest, a Brazilian is basically done in the buff. Most spas and salons do offer a paper thong as well as a spa robe. However, the logistics of this treatment require that you practically bare it all.

Will you be embarrassed?
Stripping down to nothing and throwing your legs over your shoulders in front of a stranger may initially feel a bit awkward. Keep in mind, you are with a professional and they are not checking you out. They aren’t judging you. You aren’t the hairiest person they’ve seen nor is your bum the biggest. The whole experience is rather clinical. A trained, licensed esthetician wearing gloves will quickly and professionally remove unwanted hair, usually in about thirty minutes or less.

Will Brazilian waxing hurt?
When it comes to the eternal question of pain, everyone has a different threshold so there’s no right answer. You should expect to experience some discomfort; to many women that momentary discomfort is so worth it. Hello soft, smooth skin. Goodbye razor burn, ingrown hairs and of course, that lovely post shave itching. Plus, when all is said and done, the women we surveyed report walking around with a swagger in their step. It seems indulging in something so secretly feminine is all about personal pleasure. If anyone else is impressed, it’s strictly a fringe benefit.

Brazilian waxing Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do take two Advil one hour before your appointment. Better safe than sorry.
  • Do consult Mother Nature before booking your first waxing appointment. Schedule an initial waxing appointment several days after menstruation, when you are less sensitive to discomfort.
  • Do return every three to four weeks and book appointments in advance. Once you become comfortable with your waxer you won’t want to lose her to scheduling conflicts.
  • Don’t shave between appointments. This makes the hair more resistant to future waxing.
  • Do go to an esthetician you feel you can trust. Pick someone based on referrals or establish a relationship with the technician first by trying a less intimate treatment and building your comfort level.
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