Glow₂O IV Bar Menu

Glow’s Bachelorette and Bachelor Party:

pre-game IV hydration+electrolytes to prepare for a festive night ahead $99


Glow It All: Complete recharge and recovery $225

Glow Sweat: Hydration for Performance and Athletic Recovery $150

Get Glowing: Fountain of Youth for anti-aging and skin brightening $200

Glow C.E.O: Executive treatment for stress, sleep-deprivation and mental focus $175

Glow ID: Preventative and therapeutic treatment for immunity and defense $150

Glow Migraine: Treatment for symptoms commonly associated with Migraine headaches $150


Glow Recovery Lounge: Blinding lights, a pounding headache, waves of nausea- when water just isn’t cutting it, IV hydration and treatment to help cure, and prevent, those dreaded symptoms

               Glow’s Breakfast in Bed: for mild to moderate symptoms $150

               Glow’s Morning After: for severe symptoms $225


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