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The “magic” behind Sun FX Spray Tan Body Bronzing

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Every year, we can’t wait to trade our sweaters and boots for tank tops and sandals; but we definitely don’t look forward to that first pasty day on the beach. Covering up all winter hasn’t left much of an opportunity for tanning. So if you’re reluctant to saunter onto the beach looking like Casper, consider jumping on the Body Bronzing bandwagon. It’s healthier for your skin than the sun, and you get a bronze jumpstart on the race to look golden. But what exactly makes self-tanners work?

The answer is a chemical called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. DHA begins working when oxygen hits it, creating a reaction within the top layer of your skin (the dead cells) that results in visible darkening. This chemical reaction with your skin also helps explain that “self-tanner smell.” Just like when you get out of tanning booth, there’s a definite scent associated with DHA being activated. Even those self-tanners that claim to have a fresh or fruity scent really only smell that way when you first put them on.

We have brought in SunFx the number-one spray tanning system in the world! It gives you the perfect tan in five minutes! It is fast, safe and natural. When it comes to getting that sun-kissed golden tan don’t bake it- fake it! Save time and most importantly-wrinkles- with our astoundingly natural-looking tanner. We will transform you into a bronze goddess quickly and safely without any harmful UV rays. Our ‘don’t do it your’ self-tan gives you a wait-less and sunless perfect tan guaranteed every time! Call us for an appointment today- you will look simply sun-sational!

  • One $40
  • Two for $70
  • Three for $95
  • Buy a package of five for $170
  • Monthly unlimited membership $120


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