Love your Lips

Love your Lips:

Line and define: for those not wanting to change their lip size. Just take care of those pesky fine lines (aka smoker’s lines) and give the lip a little more definition. 2 syringes of volbella $649 (regular price $790)


2) Lines and fill: for those wanting subtle volume in their lips and improved definition and softening of the vertical lip lines. 1 syringe volbella + 1 syringe Juvederm $899 (regular price $1045)


3) The ultimate volume: for those wanting noticeable difference in lip volume upper and lower lips. 2 syringes Juvederm (1 ultra 1 ultra plus) $1149 (regular price $1300)


4)  “the quick pucker”: 1 syringe volbella and a lip flip: $399 (regular price $495)

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