Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Unlike traditional tattoos that create a solid eyebrow
shape with a machine, microblading is a technique done entirely by hand. The tool has a thin row of needles which create pigment-filled scratches to mimic actual hair! Each hair-like stroke is laid down one by one to create a realistic brow tailored to your individual facial features. No two sets of brows are alike.

Microbladed brows are perfect for people who desire a natural looking, full brow. For people who like a filled-in brow, you can still fill it in with makeup. Having a general outline for your brows makes filling them in so much easier and less time consuming, cutting your makeup routine in half! Almost every brow type can benefit frim microblading: no eyebrows, thin eyebrows, previously microbladed or tattooed eyebrows, and even naturally full eyebrows!

Microblading is semi-permanent, lasting anywhere from 1-3 years, so there’s no life-long commitment! We recommend annual touch ups to keep your brows looking fresh, because they will fade out over time.

Microblading is an almost pain free procedure! We will numb you at the beginning and throughout the entire process. In order to begin numbing our client, we lightly exfoliate your skin with one of the needles. At the worst, this has been compared to tweezing hairs. After that, we add multiple numbing agents and also numb you throughout the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible. It is common for clients to relax and even fall asleep!

Once your brows are finished, there is no down time! You are free to enjoy the rest of the day as you wish while following assigned aftercare. When your brows are fully healed, you will come back for a second session. This session is vital, as your brows will need to be adjusted and finalized from the first session. You will follow the exact same procedure as the first, as the artist puts the finishing touches on your new brows. Once your second session is complete, you will have beautiful brows for at least a year! People with certain skin types do require touch ups more or less frequently than others, and this will be addressed during your procedure.

If microblading sounds like something that is right for you, please contact our front desk to book a consultation with our microblading specialist Sydney. Once you have your brows microbladed by our specialist, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

$650 for the initial treatment + 2nd treatment

$450 for touch up within one year

$550 for touch up within two years



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