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Let’s Talk Vitamin C

Let’s talk Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging solutions you can be using. Here are 5 reasons you need to incorporate a Vitamin C Serum in to your skin care regimen ASAP.

1 | Protects Skin from UV damage.
Vitamin C Actually shields harmful UV Rays that damage your skin, and accelerate signs of aging.

2 | Boosts Collagen Production
Vitamin C increases collagen production, which is key to elastic and firm skin.

3 | Reduces Skin Inflammation
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals which can cause redness and inflammation.

4 | Helps Fade hyper pigmentation
Vitamin C has been show to decrease melanin synthesis, which causes hyper pigmentation or age spots

5 | Heals sun damage
Not only does Vitamin C protect against future sun damage, but it also reverses the damage from past UV exposure

Store Vitamin C Serum in the fridge, because it can quickly oxidize. Use once a day, every day either in the morning or evening after washing face!

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