PRP & Microneedling

Price per service | Price per package of 3

  • Microneedling with HA5 $375 | $1000

    90 Minutes.
    Hyaluronic acid when absorbed into the skin during Micro-needling, can aid in adding volume and hydration to the skin. When paired with Micro-needling, the repair process begins almost immediately resulting in softened wrinkles and scars, as well as a thicker dermis.

  • Microneedling with Growth Factors $425 | $1200

    90 Minutes.
    Micro-needling with Growth Factors. Results of Micro-needling with Human Growth Factors include tighter firmer skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, as well as enhanced skin tone and texture.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Microneedling $600 | $1500

    90 Minutes.
    Microneedling PRP, also known as the “Vampire Facial”, is a cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen production by using the clients own platelets, and a micro needle tool.