Skin tips to be Party ready!

Let’s face it, the festive season can get to even the best of us. With a bountiful amount of food on hand, possibly a little too much alcohol and lack of sleep tempting us at every corner how can we disguise our naughty indulgences?

There is no better time to add some shimmer and sparkle to your beauty regime than Christmas. Adding an illuminator to cheekbones adds radiance to skin in an instant. Youngblood Radiance is a light refracting, lifting treatment that contains a diamond powder and powerful anti-ageing ingredients to create an illuminated finish.

False eyelashes are perfect for enhancing your look for a festive party. Practice makes perfect so have a test run a few nights before your big debut. Our lash extensions for the month of December are only $175!

Over indulging during the festive season can wreak havoc with your skin. Aside from drinking lots of water make sure you use a hydrating face cream such as Skin Medica HA5. Its key ingredient is hyaluronic acid which, rejuvenates, nourishes and hydrates the skin!

A good herb to help you through endless parties is milk thistle as it helps to cleanse out toxins from the liver.

Partied hard into the early morning? Hide tired eyes from work colleagues with Teamine They make the perfect beauty tag team as they rejuvenate tired and dull looking eyes, your eyes will feel more wide awake and open and the skin of the tired delicate eye area will look brighter.

Getting dressed up is one of best bits about Christmas yet you should avoid wearing perfume on your neck. The skin around your neck and décolletage is a lot thinner and more delicate compared to other parts of your body. A lot of perfumes have a high alcohol content which can cause premature ageing if worn every day. Spray onto clothes instead and always remember to apply your day /night creams to this delicate area .

Drier climates can still cause your lips to shrivel with dehydration. HA5 Lip Plump helps to soothe, soften, plump and form a protective layer to keep lips looking youthful. It also contains active lipo-peptides that stimulates the regeneration of tissue and work as a lip plumper helping to increase the collagen in your lips. It’s your go to product for the perfect pout!

Cold weather and central heating can cause skin to dry and flake. Invest in face cream that contains Hyaluronic acid. It’s an ingredient that is like adding rocket fuel to your moisturiser as it increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture over time. Revision’s Hydrating Serum is the perfect fix for dry, winter skin!