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What to Ask Your Esthetician?

Facials are not only beneficial to reaching your personal skin goals, they are a moment of bliss that you can give to yourself. And while there are many responsibilities that lie in your estheticians’ knowledge and skill, there are key questions that you should always ask prior to your facial.

Skin needs are not always one-size-fit all. Whether you are looking for brightening, exfoliation or extractions, your facial can be molded to address your skins need. Asking your esthetician the right questions prior to your facial can help avoid a serious skin reaction and have you on the fast track to glowing skin.

Ask your Esthetician:

Question 1: “What Should I Stay Away from Prior to Treatment?”
Many clients may try to address skin issues prior to their facial or treatment, which can cause more harm. Clients may try to extract a blemish or use a harsh exfoliant prior which can cause their skin to break out or become overly dry. A week prior to a facial, you should give your skin a break and avoid using products that are out of your ordinary routine. Letting your skin rest will set you up for amazing results after your treatment.

Question #2: “What Treatment Do You Recommend For My Skin?”

Estheticians are here to help you reach your skin goals and treat concerns that you may have. Again, facials are not a one-size-fits all and this is why it is important to ask which facial treatments are best suited to meet your needs. Your esthetician will also be able to recommend post-facial products that will replenish your skin in between facials.

Question #3: “What Modalities Do You Have?”
There are many modalities (red light therapy, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning) that your esthetician may suggest incorporating into your facial to meet your skin goals. Researching the modalities that are offered will allow you understand the benefits of these modalities and a gist of the technique that is used during.


Question #4: “What Products Are You Using?”

The main component of any facial is the products being used. Every esthetician has their go-to collection of brands and products they use. You should let your esthetician know prior if you have any ingredient sensitivities or allergies so necessary product adjustments can be made prior to your facial.

Question #5: “What Should I Do (And Avoid) Post-Treatment?”

SPF is always a staple after a facial, as well as extreme temperatures that may irritate the skin as it is regenerating post-facial. Your esthetician will give you proper protocol to follow post-facial. This protocol may range from not washing your face that evening to using a specific moisturizer, cleanser.

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