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Why cucumber water needs to be your go to drink this summer.

You can not have soft, glowing skin without properly nourishing your body! One of our favorite tips for staying hydrated is enhancing your water with natural flavors and antioxidants! Cucumber, Lemon and Mint is one of our favorite combinations. Cucumbers and lemons are filled with Vitamin C, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and maganese which keep your skin glowing and hydrated. The mint is used to sooth and heal inflammation, keeping acne at bay. Plus it’s super refreshing for these hot summer days!

Recipe for this Detox Water is listed below!
Cucumber Detox Water :
💧12 cups of filtered water
🥒 1 medium cucumber
🍋 2-3 organic lemons
🌱 10-12 mint leaves

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