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Hair Removal: Your Ultimate Guide

Lasers, waxing, shaving… If you know you want to get rid of excessive body hair, the different methods can make it hard to know which will work best for you. We’ve gone through some of the many options so you don’t have to – read on to find the best way for you to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the number one method we recommend.

Why? It’s generally pretty quick, only mildly uncomfortable and once you’ve had a certain number of sessions you don’t need to worry about hair removal at all!

Laser hair removal works by emitting a monochromatic beam of light that bypasses the epidermis and disables the reproductive cycle of the hair within the follicle. It literally ‘zaps’ the hair follicle. The whole process requires commitment and can be expensive, but the outcomes are definitely worthwhile.

Weekly shaving or monthly waxing appointments? Nope, you can just get a touch-up (if needed) every couple of years after completing the required number of sessions, which can last as little as 10 minutes.

How Much It Hurts: The level of discomfort depends on your pain tolerance and the location of the procedure, but it’s often characterized as feeling like a rubber band snapping across your skin.


Waxing. It lasts longer than shaving, but it’s certainly not a ‘one and done’ situation. Generally you will need monthly maintenance if you want to stay on top of hair removal this way.

Waxing is a great way to get smooth legs for a few weeks or for a vacation, but the downside is that if you want to wax it again, you will need to wait until your hair has grown back enough to be waxable. This can mean a rough patch (both literally and figuratively) where you might want to avoid displaying any areas during that ‘in between’ stage. If you wax often enough, it can also be a little bit pricey.

How It Works: The procedure is the same whether you do it at home or with a professional. You can either apply warm wax to the skin and remove it once it hardens, or you can apply a thin layer of wax to the area and remove it with a thin cloth (typically muslin).

How Much It Hurts: It hurts more depending on the quality and skill of the waxer, and it can certainly feel sensitive for a day or two following.
Liquid sugar wax on spatula


Shaving is affordable, quick (depending on the body area), and can be done at home. So we certainly understand the appeal. On the other hand, it can be a bit of a chore. You may experience razor bumps, regrowth stubble, razor burn, and, if you have a recent spray tan, shaving may cause streaks even after it’s set.

How It Works: After choosing the best razor for you, move the blade against the direction that the hair grows, with the exception of areas where your skin is more sensitive to prevent rashes, such as your bikini line. We recommend using a gel shaving formula that produces lather when mixed with water. To create a protective barrier, you simply swipe it over your skin; however, unlike shaving cream, you can then see any areas that you may have missed.

How Much It Hurts: Shaving should be painless, but accidents do happen! You might develop irritating nicks or razor burn, which can itch or burn slightly.


Tweezing. A method that can be used anywhere, but would take quite a lot of time for any areas larger than the brows or upper lip.

How It Works: The removal of individual hairs from the skin with tweezers is known as tweezing. Tweezers with various tips can be used for this, but one with a slant tip lifts single and multiple hairs more effortlessly.

How Much It Hurts: Depending on the coarseness of the hair, the sensitivity of the area, and the person doing it, tweezing can cause pain that ranges from nothing at all to a sharp stinging.

Still have questions?

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