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How to Avoid Maskne During a Global Pandemic

Since wearing a face mask is the new norm we have gotten a lot of questions about how you can protect your skin, while staying safe!

Wearing a mask for a long period of time can create friction and irritate your skin, as well as build up of oil, sweat, dirt, and ,makeup, which can lead to rashes and acne. For medical workers wearing N95 mask for hours on end this can cause the skin to chafe or bruise due to the constant rubbing.


If you are running to the grocery store there is no need to be wearing a medical grade mask. Save those for the medical professionals and immune compromised please! You can get by with a fabric mask, but for the love of your skin stay away from synthetic materials, and go for a breathable cotton, we recommend layering the cotton for added protection.


Honestly now is the best time to avoid wearing makeup, because half of your face is covered anyway! Stick to fun eyeshadows, because that mask rubbing against your makeup can block your oil glands and your pores.


If you are wearing a reusable fabric mask, please, please, please wash your mask. Not washing your mask is like using a dirty towel to wash your face. Pointless.


For the healthcare heroes who are struggling with chafing and bruising caused by their masks, you can protect your skin by keeping it clean and hydrated, which will help with the friction. Just be sure to moisturize 30 minutes before putting on your mask, otherwise it could create more friction! Unfortunately there are not too many options, because interfering with the contact between the face and mask can hinder the effectiveness of the mask.

We hope these tips can make you feel a little bit more comfortable next time you have to throw on a mask. We are all getting through this together, and it is truly incredible to see the community taking action against this virus!

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