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It is time to switch to silk pillowcases!

We wanted to come on and share with you a skincare tip that we have been obsessing over for quite some time now.

Silk pillowcases.

Have you ever woken up with lines all over your face from your pillow? Those lines fade throughout the day, but over time those annoying lines will cause permanent wrinkles, and we can NOT have that.

Prevents Wrinkles

Not only is sleeping on silk the most luxurious experience, but it has so many benefits. Silk is so smooth and soft your face glides around the pillow, rather than causing friction, which creates those sleep lines.

Prevents Frizzy Hair

Friction from normal cotton pillowcases are also what cause your hair to tangle and get frizzy during the night. You will be amazed by how well your hairstyle keeps after a night of sleeping with a silk pillowcase!

Pillow is Always Cool

Ok. This one is more about preference, but there is nothing we love more than curling into bed, and resting our face on a cool pillow. Silk pillowcases always stay cool to the touch!

These pillowcases will have you waking up feeling more refreshed and fabulous than ever before. Plus we can get behind any skincare treatment, that involves sleeping!

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